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Build India

Build your business | Fulfill your life

A 52-week FREE webinar series

Every Sunday at 10 to 11:30 AM IST, Leadership coach Shyam Taneja (IIT, IIM Alumnus) and other experts will deliver a FREE webinar.

Do you want to Build your Business | Fulfill your Life?

Topics covered in this webinar to enrich the life and business:

Why was Build India born ?

Build India was initiated with an intention to support the nation, when the pandemic has hit the whole nation. When the whole nation was facing an unprecedented pandemic.

We at Unnati are committed towards your Growth, thus have brought this Oppurtunity for you to continuously upgrade even in these difficult times, so that you are ready for Growth when this all is over.

What is Build India Movement

BUILD INDIA 52-week Movement is an initiative by Unlimited Unnati Pvt. Ltd. ( I CAN I WILL Foundation ( under the aegis of Mr. SHYAM Taneja who is one of India’s top 5 Business Coaches. It is a weekly (every Sunday) webinar which covers all aspects of business & personal growth for individuals who will build a strong nation.

shyam taneja

Top 5 business coaches in India for SMEs/MSMEs 2020


Self-aware, sincere, and passionate – Shyam Taneja is a respected Master Facilitator committed to creating an I Can I Will World. Armed with over 40 years of experience of working with corporates and SMEs.

Shyam Taneja is a believer in self-mastery and has been instrumental in transforming lives and businesses. Known for his tough-love approach, he strives relentlessly in pushing boundaries, maximizing potential, catalyzing exponential growth, and nurturing personal leadership. He seizes every opportunity he gets to challenge people for breaking their own limitations and pulls them out of their comfort zone.

Lives touched


Organisations touched


Books Authored

“I Can I Will”
“Be a fulfilled person”
“Be a Leader”
“Success and Time Management”
“Time is not Money”


An alumnus IIT (Roorkee) and IIM (Ahmedabad).

Shyam Taneja has rich and varied experience in execution and management


Shyam Taneja
An alumnus IIT (Roorkee) and IIM (Ahmedabad)
Sama Taneja
Sama Taneja
Neeru Gupta
Neeru Gupta
Anil Gupta
Mr. Anil Gupta


Accelerated revenue growth

  • 30% – 35% turnover growth year on year 
  • Production increased by 100%
  • Machine downtime decreased

Profitability zooms up

  • Dead stock reduction by 50% & 99% drop in wastage on shop floor 
  • Procuring raw materials at lower rates

Running business professionally

  • Running business professionally
  • Daily staff reporting top customers

Balance your life

  • Improve your health and relationships gain the confidence to Inspire Others

Self Mastery

  • Find your purpose and reshape your life
  • Discover and surpass your own limitations

Connecting conscious to super-conscious

  • Learn the secrets to reprogram your subconscious for powerful results