"We believe - Children should be able to explore themselves without the pre-conditions set by the society" – Shyam Taneja



Parents, Do you want your Children to ?

If yes, LiMa is your answer!

Why was LiMa born ?

When working with individuals in the age-groups between the 30s and 50s in the process of ePaD– our transformation process run by Shyam Taneja, very frequent request received has been : “I wish we had this kind of exposure to leadership qualities when we were young”. This statement became the inspiration for us to begin the journey of Leadership in Making (LiMa) and we started working closely with children, helping them with simple methods to explore themselves, inculcating crucial leadership qualities suited to their age.

LiMa - A program especially developed for children

LiMa is a  unique and exceptional journey of KNOWING & PRACTICING. It is an  attitudinal change process that provides powerful ideas, introspection and tools for application thus providing a springboard for quantum growth.

LiMa is interactive program focused on helping children develop personal leadership and unleash their potential in order to create an inspiring and successful life for themselves.

Through the sessions children get access to powerful tools, systems and insights that help them build clarity and confidence! The period of childhood is a period when every child goes through the growth phase- intellectually, emotionally and socially. Our goal is to creatively facilitate life skills that assist children to make life enriching choices.

LiMa helps children to identify their ‘I CANT’s and convert them to ‘I CAN’s more through games, role plays and a highly interactive learning environment rather than stereo-type class room sessions.

Benefits from liMa?

Remain in Positive frame of mind

Increased Sense of Responsibility

Attitudinal Shift 

Improved Self-Confidence & Self-Image

Greater Understanding of Self

Becoming More Independent

Breaking I Cant’s 

Remove Habits and Attitudes which are not helping them

LiMa Curriculum?

Some of the covered topics include:

  • I am enough
  • Wheel of Life
  • Vision Board
  • Power of Focus
  • Habits & Attitudes
  • Breathing & Meditation
  • Goal Setting & Tracking
  • Listening and body language
  • Affirmations & Vizualizations
  • Confidence & Public Speaking
  • Building win-win Relationships
  • Understanding and Managing Time
  • ABC of life – Taking Accountability
  • Unleashing Creativity and overcoming Inhibition
  • Effectiveness – Understanding Success and Failure
  • Developing EQ – understanding and dealing with Emotions

LiMa Methodology

The curriculum is designed based on how Children learn, combining the application of concepts with practical, real-world experiences

Leveraging peer power & peer learning – Collaborate with and learn from each other. Get exposure and explore becoming authentic leaders together

Program incorporates the latest insights from neuroscience and experiential learning theory to focus on developing lasting new habits and further enhancing existing strengths

Forum and Field (in the game) - our unique model of 1 session per week followed by application of learning during the week practically in life, helps take on newly learned skills and mind-sets into clear actionable. The newly acquired learning then becomes embedded in self and the ecosystem

LiMa Batch Details

LiMa - Junior

LiMa - Senior