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Which of these affect you the most?

  • Sales turnover not growing as desired.
  • Unable to acquire new clients.
  • Difficulty in hiring and managing people
  • Low profitability- cost increasing and margins shrinking.
  • Working very hard, but business expansion is difficult.
  • Low ability to compete against low cost competitors.
  • No time for family & self.
  • Your business will run as long as you personally run.

Some of our results

Accelerated revenue growth

  • 30% – 35% turnover growth year on year 

Profitability zooms up

  • Dead stock reduction by 50% & 99% drop in wastage on shop floor 
  • Procuring raw materials at lower rates

Sales engine activated

  • Increased distributors and dealers by 28%
  • Exports started & building powerful relationship with top customers