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Why was VLEAD born ?

The VLEAD program was born out the passion of a few entrepreneurs, who, after realising  the impact that ePaD and ILEAD programs had made on their personal lives and businesses, very strongly felt that their team-members should also benefit from shifting into the  “I Can I Will” mindset, which in turn would help their organisation  achieve its goals and grow exponentially !

VLEAD is based on the 4 pillars of Soch; Seekh; Sangat; Sangathan; that is, it encourages participants to change their thought-process, inculcates an attitude of “life-long learning”, makes the participant a part of the “I Can I Will” fraternity and empowers them them to deliver their best to their organisations.  It is structured to leverage the potential of each individual, irrespective of their role and education level.  

“I Can”

     helps participants to:

  • Break free of their negative conditioning,
  • Step out of their comfort zone
  • Become open to new ideas
  • Learn new skills and acquire new knowledge
  • Take complete accountability in their area of work.

“V Will”

  • Equips participants with tools for goal setting, tracking and achieving.
  • Develops interpersonal skills
  • Encourages them to work as a team
  • Aligns them with your Goals for Growth

Benefits From Vlead?

Lower dependency on superiors to take decisions

Willingness to take on responsibility

Attitudinal Shift

Improved Self-Confidence & Self-Image

Ability to recognise poor habits and to make better choices

Better Accountability

Ability to say “How Can I?” rather than “I Can’t” 

VLEAD Methodology

The curriculum and methodology is designed based on our team’s decades of experience helping organizations to achieve their vision and mission and deep understanding of human behaviour.

VLEAD is a bi-lingual program, conducted in both English and Hindi.

It blends the “I Can I Will” concepts with practical, real-world experiences.

It is a 12 week program consisting of a 2 hour online sessions per week. Participants would need to have access to a device on which they can attend the session with video and audio. We support them fully to become familiar, even if they are not conversant with digital platforms.

During the session, participants are assigned group activities to encourage them to collaborate and learn from each other. They are encouraged to think of how best they can apply concepts to their lives and to share their opinions, without inhibitions. The focus is on breaking out of old habits and attitudes that are shackling them and to develop lasting new habits and to further understand and enhance existing strengths.


Each week’s session is followed by an assignment involving practical application of the learning acquired, which engages them throughout the week, with the intention that the newly acquired learning becomes embedded in the participants’ minds  and brings about an attitudinal shift.

VLEAD Investment

₹5310 (Inc. GST)